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St. Louis, MO rock cover band Over Head Dog was formed in 2017 through a simple desire to play and perform rock music for the entertainment of others. Over time, and with some "familial fate," OHD has evolved to be one of the premier 90s rock bands in St. Louis.

Each member has their own unique style and passion for music, but is joined together by a love of driving rock rhythms, instantly-recognizable guitar riffs and dynamic vocal harmonies.


Bill Ammann (lead guitar, vocals)  demonstrates his musical skill, depth and diversity from the piano to the violin. But the guitar has been his instrument of choice for 20+ years. Influenced by classic rock and alternative icons like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Page, Jerry Cantrell and Chris Cornell, Bill is also inspired by newer artists, like Jason Isbell. Bill’s dynamic guitar and vocal style can also be seen regularly at his solo acoustic shows across the St. Louis area (see Bill Ammann Music).


Kyle Copeland (drums, vocals) was born with country music in his blood and has been playing drums for almost 20 years. Still inspired by country music today (and his cowbell), he is also influenced by the precision of rock drummers like Todd Sucherman from Styx, and the power of metal drummers like Morgan Rose from Sevendust. 


Dan Hoth (bass, vocals) is a metal-head at heart and is influenced by classic metal acts like Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden. Dan channels his inner darkness and zest for life by delivering haunting bass lines, powerful rock rhythms and notable funk-inspired melodies. 


Sarah Hoth (rythym guitar, vocals) has been involved with music from a young age. Her passion for stage drama and music led her to attend Webster University where she was educated in fine arts, including drama, dance, music theory and voice. Sarah's constant pursuit of compelling vocal harmonies is credited to decades of choral work, most recently with the St. Louis Symphony's In Unison chorus. Sarah's inspired by powerhouse female vocalist-musicians like Alicia Keys, Grace Potter and Samantha Fish, and also has a side acoustic project, Hot Hands Wonderland

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